10 Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Mistake 1

The toothbrush comes in a variety of sizes. It’s important to choose a brush of the correct size to clean your teeth. If the brush is too big, it will be a strain to keep your mouth open. If it’s too small, then it will not clean your mouth effectively.

Mistake 2

Another common mistake is the wrong choice of bristles. Angled bristles are considered the best as they clean the teeth regardless of the position. Hard and stiff bristles can injure the gums, so opt for soft ones.

Mistake 3

Ignorance about the brushing technique is another point to note. The correct technique is as below:

  • Align the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line
  • Use short, gentle strokes and move the toothbrush back and forth around your teeth
  • Brush circularly or vertically around the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of all your teeth
  • When done, brush your tongue to remove bacteria and prevent bad breath
  • Lastly, finish off by rinsing your mouth thoroughly.

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Mistake 4

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Although brushing thrice is preferred to neutralize bacterial growth and acidity generated by eating foods with lots of preservatives in them. The acidity from a can of coke can dissolve through the tooth in a single day when immersed in it.

Mistake 5

Brushing teeth more than 3 times a day can lead to recession of gum line as well as erosion of enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth.

Mistake 6

It is recommended to keep changing the brushing routine once in a while. Otherwise, we tend to get lazy and miss plenty of tooth surface.

Mistake 7

The inner surface of the tooth is just as important as the outer areas that make up your smile. Build up of plaque and bacteria on the inner surface can lead to gum disease and cavities.

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Mistake 8

Thoroughly rinse your toothbrush after each use to avoid bacterial growth. Just imagine a number of bacteria that will be growing on that brush, if not rinsed properly. Would you really want to stick that thing back in your mouth afterward?

Mistake 9

A damp toothbrush is a petri dish of bacteria! Dry the toothbrush before storing.

Mistake 10

After using a toothbrush for a few months, the bristles bend and get ragged. Such toothbrush will not clean your teeth effectively. Most experts recommend switching to a new one every 3-4 months.

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