Diagnosing Gum Diseses with The System “FLORIDA PROBE” In Our Clinic!

According to statistics, from 30 to 90% of people suffer from gum diseases. Until now, early diagnosing of these diseases has been a weak point. But now, in our clinic, we are pleased to offer you having your gums examined using the latest computer system for diagnostics and analysis of periodontal tissue diseases “Florida Probe”!

The system “Florida Probe” was developed by experts of the University of Gainesville, Florida. This computer system carries out a full clinical diagnosis and analysis of periodontal tissue diseases. Complete diagnostics takes only 15 to 20 minutes!

An invisible for the patient process becomes clear and understandable. The examination results allow to combine in one picture in a visual way all the main indicators of periodontal tissue state:

• depth of periodontal pockets;
• presence of plaque;
• presence of gingival bleeding, purulent exudate;
• tооth mobility.

All examination data will automatically be entered into the computer as a colored table. The results of the survey are printed and handed out to the patient. After receiving their card, the patient will be able to see the objective data on the state of their gums, and the doctor will be able to plan the treatment. After the treatment, you can easily see the result of the work done.

Thus now, thanks to the latest technologies that are waiting for you in our clinic in Lviv, you can take the first step to solve your dental problems, to always remain  healthy and happy!
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