Hygiene after implantation. How to care for dental implants?

How to care for dental implants?

  • There are many causes of loss of one or more teeth: injuries, decay that has not been cured in time, gum problems, or poor hygiene.
  • The lack of teeth has both aesthetic and functional effects, it also leads to the deformation of the gums, causing problems with  digestion.
  • Implantation has become the best solution for tooth loss.

Let us remind you what a dental implant is.

A dental implant is a titanium rod of 3-5 mm in diameter, which is inserted  in the bone at a lost tooth position. Dental implants can save the adjacent teeth, help to avoid wearing  a removable construction (dentures, clasp frameworks), fully restore chewing function, obtain a new quality of life. Modern dental implants are superior to real teeth for strength, durability and reliability. A correctly and accurately inserted  implant can fully replace a real tooth as to its appearance and take on its functional load.

You have had an implant put in!

What should you do to increase the life of a dental implant?

Here are some useful and essential advice from “Maryana Melnychuk’s Authorial Dental Clinic.

Tip One:

Give up smoking. Because smoking is a risk factor for complications associated with implants.

Tip two:

For successful engraftment process (integration) of the implant   a very high level of hygiene is essential.

Tip three:

Maintenance! Repeated follow-up examinations are very important. During such visits, examination and professional cleaning of dental implants, teeth and gums is carried out. Especially important are the areas where it is impossible to reach with individual care at home.

Everyday care of  dental implants

For an implant to last a long time (lifetime) and  serve effectively, you need to properly care for it! It is important to fully remove plaque daily.

Stages of care:

  • Brushing teeth with a special toothpaste;
  • Flossing teeth (with dental floss) or a small brush (small interproximal brush);
  • Using antibacterial mouthwash;
  • Using an irrigation system.

Brushing teeth

  • Removing  plaque from the crowns on implants, as well as on your own teeth,  is needed twice a day – morning and evening (after a meal). Do not forget to brush out the interdental spaces and  inner sides of the teeth.
  • Taking care of the implants with a toothbrush is similar to that for your natural teeth: downward  on the top jaw and  bottom-up on  the lower jaw, making circular motions for massaging  the gums.
  • It is better to clean interdental spaces with an electric toothbrush, as it can more easily get to hard to reach places.

Flossing the teeth (with a dental floss)

  • Care of the implants using  floss is highly required. Dental floss can be either flat or round by shape. The first is better suited in those cases where the interval between the teeth is very narrow.
  • A dental floss is pushed through between the teeth and  food remains  and plaque are carefully  removed. Then the floss is pulled through the inside of the tooth, in the form of letter ‘n’ and with its forward  motions the  lingual part of the neck of the tooth crown is cleaned.
  • For large interdental spaces sometimes flossing is insufficient, in such cases  small interdental brushes are used, the size of which should be selected for you by  a dentist hygienist.

What solution should you  rinse the mouth with?

  • After brushing and flossing, you should rinse your mouth well with a special mouthwash. It must be free of alcohol, but have an antibacterial effect.

The use of an irrigation system

  • Interdental spaces can be effectively cleaned with an irrigator. Water jet cleans thoroughly even hard to reach places.
  • Along with cleaning the oral cavity, the irrigator gently massages the gums, improving blood circulation and removing the inflamed tissue. Regular use of the irrigator improves the health of  your gums and teeth.
  • When using an  irrigator  one should be aware that irrigation does not replace traditional dental cleaning with a brush, but only complements it.

Why should professional hygiene be done with implants?

Everything  begins  with hygiene. Professional hygiene makes the life of the implant longer.

Even with the best  hygiene possible in home conditions you cannot do without the help of a dental hygienist. Tartar, which is on the coronal part of the teeth, is not the biggest problem. Tartar that  is under the gumline presents the greatest threat. It injures ligaments that hold the teeth or implants in the bone tissue. Lack of professional hygiene can lead to the accumulation of deposits around the implant, the occurance of inflammatory and destructive changes in the gums and bone, and eventually to a rapid loss of the implant.

How often is  professional hygiene with an implant needed?

  • Professional hygiene ought to be carried out by a paradontology hygienist every three months, adequate monitoring includes  examining  hard and soft tissues;
  • However good personal hygiene means you have, only a dentist can clean the hard-to-reach  places!

Professional hygiene after  implantation

  • It is forbidden to carry out  implant hygiene  with ultrasonic or sonic tools!
  • With the use of  the air-abrasive system Prophyflex (KaVo) and special powder Prophypearls (KaVo), the main component of which is calcium carbonate, your teeth not only can be cleaned in hard-to-reach places, but also get  smoothly polished surface.

How does the removal of deposits with an implant take place?

Removal of hard dental plaque, gingivitis, peri-implantitis treatment in our clinic are carried out with the use of  laser KaVo Key 3+. This unique device will help to solve the most difficult dental problems.


An implant is a great alternative to the loss of your own tooth, but only giving up smoking, proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for routine examinations can help prevent edema, recessions, bad breath or taste in the mouth, the development of peri-implantitis and contribute to the successful use of the implant for life.

Be healthy and pleased with yourselves !!!