Failure to comply with the rules of oral hygiene in addition to substandard fillings, crowns, irregular dentition shape and bite “assist” in the formation of biofilm, containing a lot of microorganisms, and subsequently, dental plaque and calculus. What signs should alert us? First, gum bleeding while brushing or flossing, a change of colour or shape of gums, itching gums, tooth sensitivity to cold, bad breath. Over time, the process is complicated, progresses and spreads to the underlying tissues. Periodontitis starts to develop. Tooth ligament is destroyed, and dental plaque starts to accumulate in subgingival pockets. Keep it in mind that time is not on your side, because the ultimate result of periodontitis is tooth loosening and tooth loss.

You should not lull yourself into thinking that you can overcome the disease by mouthwashing and get rid of unpleasant odour by using a chewing gum.

The most important thing in the treatment is thorough professional removal of supragingival and subgingival dental deposits, without which it is impossible to overcome the inflammation.

Periodontal treatment is long and laborious, but in the long run it proves to be fruitful and effective. After all, without healthy periodontium – a complex system for holding the teeth – any manipulations with the teeth and dentition (tooth alignment, whitening, recovery of function) are impossible.

In our clinic laser «KaVo Key 3+” is widely used; due to the feedback system, it is safe to remove dental plaque without damaging the periodontal tissues. For more information on the laser use see our website «Laser therapy».

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