Our high quality dentistry provides natural care of your teeth

Why “authorial dentistry”? Because we have our original philosophy of health: preservation and creativity. Today the attitude of a patient who came to us must change towards not only solving dental problems, but also towards understanding why the problem has occurred and how to get rid of it in the future.

It is important for you to be informed on the condition of your health and the causes that have led to such a  situation, what can be done and how much it will cost. In addition, we have created the conditions for you to feel comfortable here. This concept includes a sense of comfort, beginning from the first call or visit to the clinic. It is also important for us to give you a sense of security, to show and tell you about sterilization, about all the necessary processes of treatment just for you, and to inform you how to avoid problems.

Sterilization of the instruments and disinfection of the rooms is the shortest way to preserve your health. In our clinic, it is given special attention.  It is not by chance that the sterilization room is located next to the waiting room. Every patient has a right to “inspect” the sterilization room, which is a kind of a kitchen where the final product is prepared: each observation tray with instruments, individually packaged dental burs, instruments for surgery, gauze plugs, cotton rolls, etc. are given out in a special sealed bag with the date of sterilization on it, and a special “badge” (vinar) inside, showing the time and and the temperature of sterilization.

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