Ceramic inlays

Inlay is a ceramic (metal, metal-ceramic) construction, made in laboratory conditions. It not only serves longer, but also has a higher morphological accuracy, which ensures all the above aspects and norms of modern dentistry (functional, aesthetic, hygienic), since the ceramic material does not change the color, does not erase, optimally adapts to the tissues of the tooth and is bioinert and absolutely smooth.

The smooth surface of ceramics minimizes the formation of plaque and tartar, which facilitates the care of restoration, biocompatibility with the human body and does not cause allergic reactions. The correctness and stability of bite height can be compared to a source of health!

Prosthetic treatment – a longer process (7-14 days), but passes without the patient’s participation, as the dental technician works with the teeth impression. And inlays are worn five times longer than the fillings. This is also an explanation of why this construction is more expensive.


The correct solution to the problem leads to a long-term and cost-effective result.


Nazar Adamchuk


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