Everything you wanted to know about veneers (frequently asked questions)

все про вініри у Львові

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry replaces teeth treatment. Dental care products improve, so fewer people come to a dentist with a toothache. But more popular are services that help to create the perfect natural smile. Veneers are one of the most popular aesthetic dentistry services in Lviv, which customers use.

Is it necessary to set veneers if teeth are healthy, but their color and form are not ideal?

Healthy white teeth are a sign of a successful person. We advise veneers all who have aesthetic problems with their teeth. For example, the dark color of enamel, which is not bleached, numerous fillings and restorations of teeth, cracks, chips, scrubs, diastema and tremas (intervals between teeth). Ceramic veneers will easily fix any of these problems and make the smile shine.

Should patients with crooked teeth wear braces before placing veneers?

Before placing veneers it is necessary to align the crooked teeth. However, it is not necessary to wear braces for this. There are other effective orthodontic systems and devices. Some patients categorically refuse any orthodontic treatment. There are times when it’s really possible to do without it, although we do not encourage such approach. We do not conduct aesthetic restoration of teeth without prior orthodontic treatment, if there is a complicated displacement of dental rows.


What are the types of veneers: the price, advantages and disadvantages

Indirect ceramic veneers – are made in the laboratory by a dental technician according to the patient’s impressions, and then glued to the tooth. Such veneers don’t unstick and individually modeled for their owner. In our clinic, we use and recommend this type of veneer. Reviews about ceramic veneers in Lviv can be seen at the link.

Direct veneers, or veneers that are done in a direct way – this composite tooth restoration is modelated directly in the patient’s oral cavity. It can be done within one visit. Such veneers are inexpensive, but also short-lived. The composite is rapidly wearing out, so in two or three years, such veneers lose their aesthetic appearance.

Indirect composite veneers – these are finished workpieces of veneers, which you just need to glue. The low cost of veneers and the speed at which they are installed attract patients. However, indirect composite veneers often have problems with adhering and unsticking, a dark plaque that can not be cleaned may appear on the edges.

Lumineers is a patented name for ceramic veneers manufactured by a dental laboratory in the United States. The cost of lumineers is much higher than ceramic veneers, since it includes brand markup and delivery. In fact, this is the only difference between lumineers and ceramic veneers. If someone promises you to make exactly lumineers, we advise you to read the documents that determine the authenticity of the lumineers, so as not to become a victim of cheaters.

Can ceramic veneers come off?
No. If you use a cofferdum (tooth extraction with a special latex curtain), high quality materials, glue and scrupulous compliance with all stages of adhesive preparation, your veneers will never come off. Our clinic provides an additional guarantee for veneers, except for the one prescribed in the law.

How much do you need to grind your teeth before installing veneers?
There are cases when the teeth do not cut down. Although usually it is still necessary to polish the surface of the tooth to the thickness of the veneer. The thinner layer of the tooth is scratched, the thinner the veneer needs to be made. The thickness of ultrathin veneers varies from 0.3 mm to 1 mm. We use an operating microscope in the preparation of teeth and the installation of veneers. An increase of 40 times allows you to work with jewelry precision.

Do not crack such thin veneers?
The veneers are fragile only at the time of their installation. After gluing, they form a monolithic compound with a tooth enamel, which retains strength for decades.

How many veneers need to install?
Depends on the purpose and clinical situation of each patient. Standard – 10-12 veneers on the upper jaw (visible area of a smile). Often, our clinic specialists work with complete overlapping of all 28 teeth and buccal reconstruction. Less than enough 4-6 veneers on the front teeth to change the appearance of the patient.

Is it possible to use an electric brush on the teeth with veneers? Can the veneers be loosened through this?

You can use any brush to brush your teeth. High-quality veneers can be cleaned with ultrasonic, electric and mechanical brushes.

How often do you need to change the veneers? How long do they stand?

The average life of vines is 10-20 years. However, qualitative work works well much longer.

Can veneers be dazzling white?
It all depends on the customer’s taste. However, we do not advise vines of the brightest colors, because they are convinced that true aesthetics are white but still natural teeth.

Is it possible to install veneers if there are seals on teeth?
Seals – one of the indications for the installation of veneers. Unlike composite seals, ceramic veneers retain a stable luster, color and shape. In the presence of photopolymer seals, a preliminary audit of carious processes should be carried out, if necessary, replace old seals.

Why is the price of veneers in Lviv different in different clinics?
The price depends on the package of services, equipment, experience of the doctor. This question is somewhat philosophical. Conditionally we can compare aesthetic dentistry with a restaurant. There are expensive places where a chef is a person who has a wonderful education, goes to foreign master classes, prepares refined dishes from the best products. There are also places with lower prices and a simpler interior, but special dishes will not be served there, just the basic menu.

Why do you need a microscope when installing veneers?
The microscope translates the installation of veneers to a completely different level of quality. It allows you to see the least details and changes. Our clinic was the first in Lviv to use a microscope in orthopedic dentistry.

Who is engaged in the manufacture of ceramic veneers?

In our clinic, veneers are manufactured by a dentist Maxim Melnychuk, a qualified specialist, a trustee of the Vita company. He often conducts training courses for ceramists, is the author of reports and publications in professional literature.

Can veneers create artificial teeth?

Our clinic also deals with the processing of veneers. It happens that patients who once saved on veneers appeal to us with a request to create a natural smile. Modeling a natural smile requires genuine craftsmanship.

Is it possible to try veneers before starting work?
This is a mandatory step. Before starting work, we are producing a layout of your future teeth. We also conduct Digital Smile Design to simulate the perfect smile.

Is it possible to simulate a digital 3D vignette model before installing it?

For more than two years now, our clinic has Cerec system, which “scans” teeth, building their 3D model. Cerec is currently considered to be the best system in the world. However, even the most up-to-date equipment has the limits of its capabilities and can not completely replace human professionalism and knowledge. We combine machine and human labor to meet the needs of each patient.