First visitPrice
Examination, consulting, panoramic x-ray550 UAH
Computer-aided tomography950 UAH
Therapeutic dentistryPrice
Professional hygiene2350 UAH
Sealing, teeth fluoridation1850 UAH
Removing sensitivity850 UAH
Laser treatment of mucous membrane, herpes , aphthaes, stomatitis950 UAH
Deep dentogingival pocket curettage of one tooth with Laser Key 3+ device650 UAH
Measurement of periodontal pockets950 UAH
Cosmetic dentistryPrice
Teeth whitening11000 UAH
Application and infiltration anesthesia, STA650 UAH
Tooth filling with photopolymeric material 1350-6650 UAH
Pediatric dentistryPrice
Psychological adaptation450-650 UAH
Pediatric professional hygiene 1050-1350 UAH
Sealing fissures of a baby tooth850-1250 UAH
Computer injection anesthesia 750 UAH
Filling a baby tooth950-1250 UAH
Baby tooth extraction350-650 UAH
General anesthesia 6000-22400 UAH
First aid for acute pain550-3200UAH
Diagnosis and treatment of the root canal (depending on the diagnosis), price per a canal1650-3650 UAH
Aesthetic dentistry and microprostheticsPrice
Digital Smile Design 5600 UAH
Ceramic veneer (front tooth facing)15650 UAH
Ceramic overlay (ceramic seal)13050 UAH
Whole ceramic crown13050 UAH
Prosthetic dentistryPrice
Whole ceramic crown13050 UAH
Crown on an implant15650 UAH
Dental surgeryPrice
General anesthesia 6000 -22400UAH
Permanent tooth extraction2250-10500 UAH
Eighth tooth extraction2900-10500 UAH
Implantology treatmentPrice
Types of implants and the price per unit with a crown:
"AB" (Israel),
"Straumann" (Switzerland)
13500+4150 грн
27050+5450 грн
Support of the anesthesiologist6000-22400грн
Bone grafting of alveolar outgrowth4250-17050 грн
Lifting the bottom of the maxillary cavity (sinus lifting)21800 грн
Orthodontic treatment using functional devices and removable devices650-6150 UAH
Braces systems18150-30150 UAH