• Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Let us introduce a novelty from KaVo (Gendex) in our clinic.

    The wonder of imaging starts right now!

    We are presenting the top of the latest innovation: the device GXDP700, 3-in-1 system that will help solve a variety of clinical tasks ranging from general preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of caries, canal treatment (in endodontics), and study of roots to planning in implantology and orthodontics.

    You are offered a number of possibilities:

    • imaging system 3D;
    • imaging system 2D;
    • intraoral camera (pictures from inside the oral cavity);
    • software for image development and processing;
    • images at different angles;
    • accurate measurements;
    • high quality images obtained easily and consistently.

    Creating panoramic images implies a wide range of projections, including bitewing and temporomandibular joints radiographs, front teeth and maxillary sinuses projections.

    We offer you a perfect solution for advanced dentistry, because accurate diagnosis will give you confidence and peace of mind during the treatment and will certainly protect your investment from unnecessary expenses.

    Another very important point is the security of X-rays! According to the principle of radiation protection (ALARA- the lowest possible doses), our device allows us to manage dosage, making radiographs based on body size, image type and pinpointing areas of our interest, besides we are able to adjust the dose within the appropriate range.

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