Anesthesia (Deep Sleep)

Anesthesia is a medical procedure that implies the use of certain medicines to help patients fall asleep during the treatment.

The treatment under general anesthesia is recommended (and even necessary) to patients who are afraid of the treatment, or nervous, which makes cooperation with the doctor during the procedures (treatment, implantation, etc.) more difficult. The reason is that “deep sleep” helps to cope with the stress and makes the treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Some risks are often associated with dental treatment under general anesthesia. However, it is a safe procedure, provided that it is carried out by a professional anesthesiologist and assistant anesthesiology reception using special equipment:. We have a license to apply general anesthesia in our clinic. We have employed an anesthetist of the highest category and we are provided with a special oxygen breathing apparatus, monitor for vital function  monitoring and anesthetic and breathing machine  “Neptun”.

Before the procedure, we direct our patients to have a preliminary examination (ECG, general and detailed blood count). Anesthesia lasts from a few minutes to 2.5 hours. After waking up you leave the clinic on your own. Narcosis will not cause any headache or discomfort, the drug is instantly excreted from the body. The medicines for immersion the patient into a deep sleep are painless and effective, they work quickly and safely!


Artem Pryymak

Doctor Anesthetist


Oleksandra Mosiyevska


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