Dental Therapy

Stopping is the work of filling a defect on the tooth surface. In our clinic, teeth preparation is done both in classical and innovative ways. The classical method involves preparation using modern handpieces made by KaVo company (minimum vibration) and 100% sterile and quality dental burs (Komet company). The innovative method involves laser preparation (erbium laser KaVo Key 3+). For more possibilities of work with the laser see «Laser therapy» page.

All the steps from beginning to end will be fixed by the intraoral camera (tooth condition at the beginning, during and after the filling). Optionally, it can be recorded on the disk for you. In any way, the information is archived and stored in the clinic. Another feature of dental therapy is that we do not ask you which kind of filling to apply. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, we use only high quality materials.
  • Secondly, it is the doctor who must determine what is needed for your tooth with a certain diagnosis. The construction of the stopping must exactly reconstruct the occlusion and bite. It must look aesthetically pleasing, natural and functional.

If fillings or restorations can be replaced by more sophisticated structures (inlays, veneers, half-crowns), we will tell you about their benefits and enjoy doing the job for you.  You might also find it useful to know what are pros and cons of using stoppings and when it’s better to have dental inlay.

For more details about all kinds of prosthetics (dentures) see «Prosthetic dentistry» section.

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