Tooth roots treatment

Endodontics is the direction that studies the principles and methods of root canal treatment. Over the last few years endodontics began to develop actively  and today it gives excellent results. Proper treatment of root canals is a very important task, because preservation of the tooth directly depends on its quality.

Your own tooth is the best one!

In our clinic, root canal treatment is performed by a doctor-endodontist – a participant of symposia  and lectures on endodontics in Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Root canal treatment is a painless procedure that, with a certain diagnosis, can be carried out in only one visit and involve all the necessary steps. Each step of endodontic treatment (drug treatment, sterilization, filling) is very important. Only flawless performance gives a good predicted result.

In the treatment of root canals, we use the dental microscope Leica 320, which  increases several times the possibility of successful treatment and saving your teeth, even in the most hopeless cases. Every step of the doctor can be seen on the screen.

The process of root canal treatment at our clinic involves:

  • monitoring the treatment with a target X-ray image  using radiovisiograph KaVo in eXam;
  • determining the number of root canals, their condition and length. The length of the root canal is determined with the help of the apex locator VDW gold;
  • instrumental treatment of root canals. The main task is to thoroughly clean the canal and give it a conical shape (this allows to fill it up hermetically). It is done with special rotary nickel-titanium instruments (Pro-file, K3, MTWO);
  • in addition, there is a method of one-file system “Reciproc”, which is actuated by the endodontic handpiece  VDW gold;
  • drug treatment, sterilization. At this stage special antiseptic agents (hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, citric acid, EDTE) are used, which completely wash out root canals, i.e. destroy most bacteria, reaching sterility and excluding recurrent inflammation of the tooth. To enhance the antibacterial effect, ultrasound EMS is used;
  • root canal filling. At this stage, we use the filling system Real-Seal, Obtura II, a three-dimensional root canal filling with heated gutta percha. This method allows us to fill both  main channel and its ramifications. This type of filling  is reliable and durable. We have been working  with this method for over five years and are satisfied with the results observed in the dynamics  over time.

After the treatment it is necessary to seal the access to the root canal system, we do it with the help of glass ionomer cements and fiberglass rods (Luxa-Core Z, Easy-Post). The success of restoration work depends on proper endodontic treatment.

Proper endodontic treatment is to preserve your tooth, health and save your money. It may not be cheap, but the loss of a tooth or implantation will be objectively more expensive.

You can learn more about root canal treatment by reading our article “Root canal treatment.”


Martha Lyba

Doctor Endodontist

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