Оrthodontic Dentistry


In our clinic we offer orthodontic treatment for both children and adults, because such treatment is conducted in order not only to obtain straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but primarily to create proper functional occlusion. Proper functional bite and straight teeth help to prevent parodontosis and parodontitis, the disease of the temporomandibular joint and tooth decay, besides, a beautiful smile adds to everyone’s confidence and beauty.

A qualified doctor orthodontist will select the appropriate devices, according to the patient’s age and disease to be treated. You will also get maximum of information on how to use and take care of your orthodontic devices. During each visit (usually once in every 1or 2 months), we carefully control not only the course of the treatment, but the overall health of your teeth and the state of oral hygiene as well. We will teach you how to brush your teeth properly and tell you about additional oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.
And if you want to live a full and healthy life, remember that caring for teeth and oral cavity still continues after the treatment has been finished. The experts of our clinic are ready to help you.

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