Aesthetics in dentistry comes first, as we primarily show our success in life with a smile, and we want it to be open, beautiful and natural. So, beautiful teeth is something you cannot do without! But aesthetics does not mean just white teeth, it implies pink gums as well.

“Pink and white” aesthetics is both functional, and beautiful, and healthy as well. You should bear in mind that white aesthetics is easier to achieve than pink one. Whitening, fillings, veneers, crowns – this is what we do professionally and efficiently. Whereas pink aesthetics mostly depends on you, it starts with preventing gum diseases, and, if necessary, with periodontal treatment (Laser KaVo Keu 3+). Besides, it should be maintained throughout your lifetime!

Gum disease today is a widespread problem that affects both young people and adults. Gingivitis, periodotitis, parodontosis– these are the three main diseases of the tissues, surrounding the teeth. They are irreversible and unpleasant diseases, affecting bone tissue where teeth are located. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the problem as soon as possible to avoid the worst – multiple tooth loss. The goal of the treatment is to check the inflammatory and degenerative processes.

In order to do this, it is necessary:

  • to normalize hormonal balance in the body and mineral metabolism, which regulates the state of the skeletal system of the body;
  • to eliminate local factors in the oral cavity – carious nidus of infection. To replace “old” low-quality stoppings with overhanging edges, which are an additional place for the accumulation of plaque and trauma. To replace substandard crowns. Missing teeth should be replaced by orthopedic constructions, which are selected by the doctor according to the clinical situation. If the disease has led to teeth displacement, first the bite should be normalized, and then dentures should be made for toothless areas. Unstable teeth should be splinted, that is  reinforced into one block. In order to align the level of bone tissue, the doctor evaluates the panoramic image;
  • to eliminate local risk factors. Namely, to make the correction of short or improperly attached frenulum of lips or tongue. To deepen the shallow vestibule of the mouth. These procedures can be made less traumatic with a laser. Nowadays, the laser is a great assistant in medicine.

So, if you suspect one of the signs of periodontal disease – bleeding gums (when brushed or flossed), bad breath, tooth unstability, itchy gums, increased tooth sensitivity to cold – you should  turn to a specialist as soon as possible. People often ignore these symptoms and seek help when the process gets exacerbated at the 2nd or 3d stages of the disease with massive destruction of bone tissue, because the process has been neglected for years.

So the best advice is not to waste time, but see a specialist for a routine examination (normally this should be done twice a year). This will help to detect the disease in time and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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