Sterilization of Dental Instruments


There is hardly anyone who has never heard of such a disease as hepatitis. There are different forms of hepatitis, such as hepatitis A, which gets into the body with food, hepatitis B, and C – via blood and/or liquids; HIV – via blood and/or liquid. The two latter forms are usually infection in health care institutions, including dentistry.

Unfortunately, dentistry is one of those places where the risk of infection is very high. Therefore, our clinic is in the ranks of those who are not only concerned about the high level of dental services, but also about your health in general. It is not by chance that our sterilization room is next to the waiting lounge. Every patient has the right to “inspect” the sterilization room. It is like the kitchen, where the finished product is being released.

Let us start with this place. In our pure white sterilization room the following rules are applied:

All the instruments without exception – drills, tips, orthopedic spoons, etc. – undergo sterilization using class B «Melag» autoclave. We are proud of the fact that our clinic is one of the few in Lviv, equipped with such high-technology machine.

It is required that all the instruments – drills, tips, orthopedic spoons, etc. – should be kept in special kraft bags. They have sealed bags with an inscription of the date of sterilization and a special “name tag” (vinar) inside, which contains the temperature and time of sterilization. We are equipped with a packaging machine of «Melag» company.

We do not wash the instruments by hand because we love not only you but also ourselves. For a thorough cleaning and disinfection of all the things we are working with, thermal disinfectors of «Melag» company are used, which only a few dental clinics in Lviv can boast of.

All operations in our clinic are carried out solely with an assistant, sometimes with two, to be able to ensure absolute cleanliness in the mouth, absence of saliva and blood. For this purpose, we will work with large amounts of water and powerful suction systems to prevent dust or infection from getting into the air and thereby to the lungs.

The clinic uses a wide range of disposable instruments (dental pumps, special bibs, disposable spoons, etc.), which are used only one-off! We do not work with bare hands, only using gloves.

All this is being done for your comfort and safety. After all, sterilization of the instruments and disinfection of the surgeries, cleanliness, and tidiness are the shortest way to preserve your health!