The computer-aided diagnostic system for gum disease Florida Probe

Today, gum diseases have become a very urgent problem for many people. The task of a  doctor periodontist is 100% removal of supra- and subgingival tartar, removal of granulation, sterilization of periodontal pockets. All this can be achieved with a special tool, sharpened  at a certain angle, and to a certain degree of sharpness, special surgical operation and medical support, or with the help  of high  technology, such as  the use of a laser. With the advancement of technology there is also a possibility of more accurate diagnosis of periodontal diseases, and today our clinic of authorial dentistry offers a unique type of service using the most modern dental equipment, namely a computer-aided diagnostic system FLORIDA PROBE.

Making a diagnosis wit the help of FLORIDA PROBE today is the most accurate method for the diagnosis of gum diseases. The system operates on the basis of an electronic probe, which is not manually run by a doctor periodontist, but  with the help of a  computer. The electronic probe measures the depth of periodontal pockets and attachment levels of periodontal ligament. Diagnostics with  FLORIDA PROBE is a procedure that is comfortable for the patient and it helps to make the most accurate diagnosis for further treatment. The examination lasts for only 20-30 minutes and is not harmful to the patient.

FLORIDA PROBE diagnosing is a fundamentally new level of diagnosis of periodontal diseases, allowing   to comprehensively determine the depth of periodontal pockets, gingival condition, the degree of mobility of the teeth, bone health and other important factors (eg, plaque). In addition to high accuracy of the data and painlessness, this procedure is distinguished by the fact that periodontal disease can be identified at an early stage, even if symptoms have not developed sufficiently. All the results are recorded in the patient’s database map,  which allows making further diagnosis and  observe the dynamics of the disease development, as well as its treatment. If the doctor has an objective and comprehensive picture of the whole process, he can choose the most accurate methods of treatment of gum disease at every stage.

It is important to timely detect and treat periodontal problems, because health is evident not only in  white teeth, but also in  healthy gums and mucous membranes, absence of bleeding, gum inflammation, tartar or bad breath. Our new computer-aided diagnostic system FLORIDA PROBE is designed to help anyone who is faced with such problems.

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