Why Authorial Dental Clinic?

Why “authorial clinic”? Because we have our original philosophy of health: preservation and creativity. Today the attitude of a patient who came to us must change towards not only solving dental problems, but also towards understanding why the problem has occurred and how to get rid of it in the future.

A special approach to solving dental problems!

My grandfather painted Ukrainian churches, my father is a famous sculptor, I have always wanted to create beauty and harmony. Immediately after graduation from Lviv Medical University, I went through a long practice at German dental clinics. Then it was a double challenge for me. I was a young professional from the Soviet Union, where they didn’t even have any idea about hygiene or management, who was supposed to work using a completely new philosophy. When someone came into a dental surgery in our country, one could see   cotton swabs and other traces of previous patients in the spittoon, whereaws in Germany there was already high-quality and always clean installation by that time, all the instruments had been sterilized with good equipment in compliance with the proper technologies, etc.

The second strong contrast for me was planning and aesthetic environment in which doctors and dental technicians were working. In addition, there were new approaches to treatment, as I have said, the philosophy of disease prevention, conservation philosophy, when the main task of the doctor is not restoration or prosthetics, but the organization of the communication process with the patient so that they would be able to prevent diseases of the teeth.

Why does the name of my clinic contain the word “authorial”?

I would like to emphasize that I have my own philosophy of health. The principles   of my clinic’s work are based on two “elephants” –  preservation and creation. For each step from diagnosis to treatment programs I am personally responsible. I know the value of health and respect the time of each patient. Today, the attitude to a person  who came to the dental clinic to get rid of the pain, must be changed, because they turn to you with a problem. The person should be informed in detail about his or her health: what reasons that led to this situation, what can be done, how much it will cost. In addition, you just need to create an environment where the patient will feel comfortable. This concept includes a feeling of comfort, starting from the first call or visit to the clinic. It is also important to give a person a sense of security. Show and tell them about the sterilization, about  all the necessary processes for the treatment of this particular patient as well as  inform them how to avoid problems. Individual approach to every individual will help to prevent critical situations  and   overcome the fear of a visit to the dentist.

In accordance with the principles of my clinic, we also recruit the staff. No person will get a job here, unless he or she  has been working  with me for quite a long time. Every doctor-to-be of my clinic    acquires the methods and techniques of my work during the practice period as an assistant  doctor. I share my knowledge with them, teaching them how to work, so as to be personally responsible for the result. I respect and love the people who work with me; however, I am very demanding and faultfinding as to their work, as well as to my own. The basic knowledge   in dentistry is common for all. Author’s work means personal interpretation of the treatment process.

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